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13306 No.79  

i messed op on the shiny eevee...

>> No.80  


>> No.81  

You messed up on life.

>> No.82  

idk how i messed up on life

>> No.83  

Neither do I.

>> No.84  

Kill it.

>> No.85  

no. dont kill eevee. eevee is a one of my favorie pokemon. latias is my favorite

>> No.86  

Lucario is best pokemon

>> No.87  

no it isnt lucario. it is arceus

>> No.90  
>there is no such thing as an arceus i am a pokeon atheist
>> No.91  

technically if u r a pkmn atheist, then no pkmn would b there xD

>> No.92  

rather most wouldnt exist, and there would b no legionaries, and most of the moves wouldnt exist either

>> No.122  
File: 1453212738276.png -(274149 B, 643x483) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>No legionaries
>> No.131  

>>122 Fcking pokemon legion

>> No.136  

legondaries* fck spell chack

>> No.137  

legendaries* i cannot spell lolz

>> No.147  


>messing op on the shiny eevee


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